Google Maps API Version 2 Tutorial

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Google Maps API Tutorial

This tutorial was intended to help you create your own interactive maps using the Google API version 2.

Google Maps Version 2 is now in the process of being shut down, and most of the pages in this tutorial no longer work. You are advised to us the current Version 3 API.

Do take a look at Getting Started the API Version 3 documentation.

Javascript Concepts

Some oddities about the Javascript language that might possibly catch you out if you're familiar with other programming languages.
Part 1 Scope
Part 2 Asynchronous I/O
Part 3 Function Closure
Part 4 Call by Reference or Call by Value?

Old Tutorial

If you really must look at the old tutorial, you can find it here but do check that the examples you're looking at do work before using them in your own pages.

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