Hardiker One Name Study

Hardiker One Name Study


This is an ongoing one-name study of the <b>HARDIKER/HARDICKER/HARDICRE</b> surname in England.</b>

It does not include <b>HARDACRE</b>s or <b>HARDAKER</b>s except where they are directly connected to one of the above surnames.

Individuals for whom I have a reasonable amount of data are listed in the <b>INDEX</b>.

Individuals for whom I currently have no family connections, but only birth or death certificate references, are shonw on the <b>UNLINKED</b> Page. This saves having a whole page for each individual. Some of these people may well "really" be HARDACREs who had their name incorrectly recorded on the certificate. Others are just people that I've not tracked down yet. I can't afford to buy copies of the certificates for all these people, so if I can't link them some other way, they'll just stay in the UNLINKED page.

The primary name that I use for each individual is the name from their BIRTH certificate.

If I only know the married name of a woman, but not her birth name, then the married name is shown in brackets. E.g. Sarah (HARDIKER).

The abbreviation "mmn" stands for "mother's maiden name".

Many of the lines may have been started when an illiterate HARDACRE moved to Preston, Rochdale or Birmingham. Perhaps it's an effect of the local dialect in those locations.

<b>If you have any corrections or additions for this family, please contact me at econym4@gmail.com

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