Hardiker One Name Study

Harry BAILEY (1870- )

Harry Dorning BAILEY was born in 1870 in Salford, Lancashire, England. 1 He married Maud HARDICKER in 1893 in St Peter's Church, Levenshulme, Manchester. 2


|Note: Apparently invented an improvement for gland packings for piston rods:

Patent GB215510 215,510. Bailey, H. D. March 19, 1923. Packing, non-metallic.-A packing a of U cross-section has legs of equal or unequal length and a core c preferably projecting beyond both legs or the shorter leg, respectively. The packing a consists of resistant material, such as asbestos reinforced with metal, while the core c consists of lubricating material, such as rubberproofed canvas or asbestos and graphite grease. Where rings are superposed in a stuffing-box, the spaces between the rings are filled with lubricating material, such as yarn and graphite.


Maud HARDICKER , daughter of Joseph HARDICKER (1844?-1896) and Emma OGDEN (1846?- ), was born in 1874 (approx.) in Levenshulme, Lancashire, England. In 1881 she was resident in Levenshulme, Adlands Lane.


11870 Oct-Nov-Dec Salford 8d 9.
21893 Jan-Feb-Mar Chorlton 8c 905.