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Michael WILLIAMS's parents: John WILLIAMS and Elsie KIRKHAM
Michael WILLIAMS's brother: Alan James WILLIAMS

Michael WILLIAMS (1952- )

Michael John WILLIAMS , son of John WILLIAMS and Elsie KIRKHAM, was born on 24 December 1952 in Blackpool, Lancashire, England. 1 He was educated at Arnold School, Blackpool in September 1964. He was educated at BSc Mathematics in October 1971 in London University, Queen Elizabeth College. In May 1974 he was a Programmer in Aardvark Business Computers, Kilburn, London. In March 1976 he was a Programmer in Computer Information Centre, Kings Cross, London. In November 1978 he was a Programmer in Arbat UK Ltd, London EC4. In January 1986 he was a Senior Software Engineer in Communications Industries Ltd, London N9. In March 1987 he was a Senior Programmer in Midland Bank, London EC3. In October 1994 he was a Computer Contractor in Admiral Computers Ltd, Stevenage. In April 1998 he was a Freelance Computer Programmer in London.


11953 Blackpool Jan-Feb-Mar 10b 556.