Mike Williams Family Tree

Douglas MYTTS (1934-1967)

Douglas Edwin MYTTS 1 was born on 15 June 1934 in Shortdale, Manitoba, Canada. In 1964 he was resident in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, He died on 3 December 1967 in Edmonton. In 1970 he was resident in Duncan, British Columbia, Canada, He married Dorothy BREWER in December 1975 in Alberta, Canada.


Dorothy BREWER , 1 daughter of Joseph BREWER (1902-1970) and Alice ALSTON (1901-1991), was born on 30 April 1934 in Preston, Lancashire, England. 2 In 1953 she was resident in Blackburn, Lancashire, England, In 1953 she was resident in Croston, Lancashire, England, Black Horse Hotel, Westhead Road. In 1955 she was resident in Sudbury, Ontatio, Canada, In 1960 she was resident in Edmonton, In 1970 she was resident in Duncan, She died on 13 February 2001 in Duncan. She and Douglas Edwin MYTTS had the following children:


Joanne MYTTS


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