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Thomas SEED's brother: William Archibald SEED (1910-2001)

Thomas SEED (1908-1983)

Thomas Henry SEED , son of Richard Henry SEED (1883- ) and Clara Margaretha SMITH (1881-1950), was born on 26 June 1908 in Whittle-le-Woods, Lancashire, England. 1 He emigrated from England to Canada in 1911. In 1911 he was resident in Blackpool, Lancashire, England, 231 Whitegate Drive. In 1931 he was a Farmer. In 1931 he was resident in Rose Valley, Saskatchewan, Canada, He married Stella OSTERLIN on 30 December 1931 in Wadena, Saskatchewan, Canada. In 1972 he was resident in Rose Valley, He retired in September 1972. He had 5 children. He died on 6 February 1983 in Kelvington Hospital, Kelvington, Saskatchewan, Canada. He was buried in 1983 in Rose Valley Cemetery, Saskatchewan, Canada.


Stella OSTERLIN was born on 2 January 1908 in Tower, Minnesota, USA. In 1931 she was resident in Rose Valley, She had 5 children. She died on 16 November 2006 in Regina Saskatchewan, Canada. She was buried in 2006 in Rose Valley Cemetery.


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