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Setting the z-index of markers

It is possible to set the z-index of markers.

You might want to do this if your map tends to be rather cluttered with overlapping markers, and you want to highlight a particular marker, but normally find it to be partially obscured behind less significant ones.

To use the facility, you need to create a little function which will return an integer to be used as the z-index. Markers with higher z-index values are drawn on top of those with lower z-index values.

You can calculate the value from scratch, or you might modify the usual value, which can be obtained from GOverlay.getZIndex(marker.getPoint().lat()).

The Function is passed two Parameters. The first Parameter is a reference to the marker and the second one always seems to be undefined at present.

Attach your function to the marker by using the GMarkerOption {zIndexProcess:myFunction}

You can't change the order of the markers afterwards. The Function only gets evaluated when the marker is addOverlay()ed.

I don't think you can pass a Parameter directly to the zIndexProcess Function, but what you can so is to add a Property to the marker before you addOverlay() it. The function can read that Property and use it in the calculation. For example, if you want important markers to be placed on top, then you can add a marker.importance property to each marker, and return higher z-index values for markers with higher importance.

Here's an example

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