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What's New

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  • 10-Aug-2010: Various very minor fixes
  • 27-Jan-2010: Simplified: Context Menus for Overlays example
  • 26-Jan-2010: Added: Context Menus for Overlays
  • 18-Jan-2010: Added: Geocoding UK Postcodes
  • 19-Nov-2009: Updated: Modularized infowindows The infowindows are modularized again, so the module loading trick is again relevant.
  • 29-Oct-2009: Fix: EInsert.groundOverlay problem with bounds that cross the dateline.
  • 10-Sep-2009: Added: A reather messy Tabbed EWindow example.
  • 26-Aug-2009: Fix: EPoly2 never worked.
  • 10-Aug-2009: Updated: Geocoding with error handling to include zooming to ExtendedData.LatLonBox.
  • 11-Jul-2009: Fix: Custom Slider examples are working again.
  • 10-Jun-2009: Fix: There were still links to the old googlepages site in Sending KML files to Google Maps.
  • 26-May-2009: Added: Faster EPoly extension
  • 12-May-2009: Added: Additional elabel example
  • 29-Apr-2009: Added: "" to the list of GLayers: GLayers
  • 28-Apr-2009: Added: Custom Marker Maker to the list of extensions: Custom Marker Maker
  • 27-Mar-2009: Updated: Added &sensor=false to all examples when loading the API code.
  • 05-Mar-2009: Added: MyMapExplorer to the list of extensions: MyMapExplorer
  • 02-Mar-2009: Fix: The old GMarkerManager support code removed from ELabels due to clashes with v2.143.
  • 14-Feb-2009: Updated: The Unofficial Reference to v2.146.
  • 09-Feb-2009: Added: infowindow {buttons} to the Unofficial Reference
  • 08-Feb-2009: Deleted: 'Google Chart "map pin" icons'. Google Charts has changed so that this technique no longer works.
  • 06-Feb-2009: Updated: Most tutorial pages now have a Google Translate gadget
    (Caution: Google Translate may sometimes translate API or JavaScript keywords, particularly names of events, like "load" and "click", and changes the case of quoted JavaScript.)
  • 05-Feb-2009: Updated: EGeoXml now supports .hide() and .show().
  • 23-Jan-2009: Added: Beginning Google Maps Mashups with Mapplets, KML, and GeoRSS to the list of resources: The Mapplets Book
  • 12-Jan-2009: Updated: The Unofficial Reference minor changes.
  • 11-Jan-2009: Updated: The Unofficial Reference to v2.141e.
  • 01-Jan-2009: Added: MultiIconMarker to the list of extensions: MultiIconMarker
  • 28-Dec-2008: Updated: List of Third Party Extensions: List
  • 19-Dec-2008: Updated: Google Chrome Considerations
  • 19-Dec-2008: Added: Popup Title to the list of extensions: Popup Title
  • 12-Dec-2008: Added: ClusterManager to the list of extensions: ClusterManager
  • 10-Dec-2008: Added: Browser Connection Limits information for Custom Map Types: Browser Connection Limits
  • 28-Nov-2008: Added: EPoly.GetPointsAtDistance(): Using EPoly
  • 25-Nov-2008: Updated: Modularized Overlays and Controls is out of date: Modularized Overlays
  • 24-Nov-2008: Added: Intellisense Helper to the list of extensions: Intellisense Helper
  • 11-Nov-2008: Added: CSGeoXml to the list of extensions: CSGeoXml
  • 05-Nov-2008: Updated: The website of Blackpool Community Church is now
  • 26-Oct-2008: Updated: The Unofficial Reference to v2.133.
  • 25-Oct-2008: Added: Support for rotated markers to Google Chart map pins example
  • 24-Oct-2008: Added: Using Google Chart map pins as Custom Markers
  • 21-Oct-2008: Updated: example_store.htm now actually uses PHP to store the data.
  • 16-Oct-2008: Added: Altitude.
  • 16-Oct-2008: Updated the fudge factors in EWindows.js to include new browsers: EWindows.
  • 13-Oct-2008: Added: mention using proxy a server to read remote files for EGeoXml.
  • 13-Oct-2008: Added: How GLayers Work.
  • 11-Oct-2008: Generally updated and tidied the examples.
  • 08-Oct-2008: Added: GLayers.
  • 08-Oct-2008: Added: Icon Sprites.
  • 07-Oct-2008: Generally updated and tidied the tutorial pages.
  • 07-Oct-2008: Added "Pagetest" to the list of recommended tools
  • 07-Oct-2008: Added "Google Chrome Inspector" to the list of recommended tools
  • 07-Oct-2008: Added information about modularized info windows to this page.
  • 07-Oct-2008: Added Chris Marx's Geometry Controls to the list of Third Party Extensions.
  • 24-Sep-2008: Added NASA Maps to the list of Third Party Extensions.
  • 22-Sep-2008: Updated several early examples to use better code style.
  • 22-Sep-2008: Added this What's New page.
  • 19-Sep-2008: Updated the AJAX Philosophy tutorial to actually use PHP.
  • 19-Sep-2008: Added cPreloader to the list of Third Party Extensions.
  • 16-Sep-2008: Migrated the tutorial from GooglePages to its new home on

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